Dr. K. O. OMOKHAFE , Director & Head, Research Operations


Mailing Address:

Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria, PMB 1049, Benin City, Nigeria

Phone: (+234) 80347 10917,   (+234) 08116579021

Email: omokhafe.kenneth@rrin.gov.ng, kenomokhafe2001@yahoo.com


B.Agric. (UNIFE, Ife); M.Phil. (OAU, Ife), Ph.D. (UNIBEN, Benin)

Research Interests:

  • Genetic improvement
  • Tissue Culture
  • Molecular Biology
  • Biostatistics
  • Natural Climate solutions


Academic Awards / Recognitions:

Academic Awards / Recognitions: Year
1.   Bursary, Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme,
      University of Oxford, Oxford, UK   
 2.   Fellowship of the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme      2008  
3.   Fellowship under the Netherlands Fellowship Programme             2005
4.   Commendation for paper publication, Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria, Benin City, Nigeria.                   2004
5.   UNESCO Fellowship for Biotechnology                                            2002
6.   UNU/INRA Fellowship for Plant Tissue Culture                             1999
7.   Director’s Productivity Award,   
      Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria, Benin City, Nigeria.                   
8.   Fellowship of the International Rubber Research & Development Board   1993
9.   Fellowship of African Biosciences Network                                                1988


  1. To conduct basic and applied research in order to improve on internal factors and their interactions, including interaction with external factors for the purpose of improvement of the productive capacity of the natural rubber and gum arabic trees as the mandate crops of Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria.
  2. It coordinates research activities in three Divisions, which are Crop Improvement for genetic improvement with three two Units viz Plant Breeding & Biotechnology and Physiology & Biochemistry Units, Agronomy Division for field research management with Soils & Plant Nutrition Unit and Field Crop Management Unit, and Crop Protection Division for pest and disease control with the following Units: Pathology & Microbiology and Entomology. It coordinates research activities in two RRIN programmes: Rubber Improvement & Management & Gum arabic improvement & Management
  3. A number of laboratories are managed such as Plant Breeding Lab, Biotechnology Lab, Soils & Plant Nutrition Lab and Agronomy Lab.
  4. The Institute Biosafety Committee is domiciled in the department
  5.  It promotes multidisciplinary and collaborative research