MR PETER  MUSA, Assistant Director / Head, Finance and Account Department



HND Accounting (Federal Poly Auchi); 1998

Masters Degree Business Administration (University of Benin) 201

Academic Awards / Recognitions:
Academic Awards / Recognitions:Year
Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria ICANsince 2004


1. Ensuring compliance with Financial Regulation and the Accounting Code/Manual by all staff under his control and supervision.

2. Organizing and supervising the finance and accounting functions in a manner that facilitates:

i. Adequate financial control, efficiency and smooth operations of the financial management function;

ii. The observance of due diligence, economy and cost effectiveness in the Institute administration; and

iii. Ensuring conformance of all units within the Institute to Due Process.

3. Advising the Executive Director/Accounting Officer on all financial matters as well as the technical provisions of Financial Regulations, other Treasury and Finance Circulars;

4. Managing funds in a manner that assures smooth operations of the Institute;

5. Maintaining proper accounting records such as books of accounts, Main and Subsidiary Ledgers.

6. Ensuring adequate control and management of the Property, Plant and Equipment Register and reconciling the schedule to the General Ledger on monthly basis.

7.Ensuring the existence of effective and adequate internal control system to safeguard the assets of the Institute.

8. Ensuring prompt disbursement to contractors/suppliers and staff using the Government approved payment mode;

9. Ensuring the timely preparation, payment of salaries and remittance of Third-Party deductions simultaneously.

10. Ensuring the preparation and updating of the information needed for Medium Term Revenue Framework (MTRF), Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Medium-Term Sector Strategy (MTSS).

11. Compiling and defending of the budget proposals and ensuring effective budgeting control by             matching/comparing budgeted figures with actual expenditure or revenue as the case may be. These financial management reports should be submitted to the Executive Director/Accounting Officer on or before 10th of the following month to facilitate efficient financial management decisions.

12. Prepare the Trial balance /Annual Financial Report of the Institute on or before 28th February the following year to be submitted to the Office of the Executive Director;

13. Prepares annual cash plan to ease the budget implementation

14. Ensuring that all staff under his control are exposed to regular training programmes to equip them with relevant skills for the efficient performance of their duties;

15. Liaising with the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation from time to time when in doubt in the interpretation of any section of the provisions of the Regulations and other Treasury Circulars or when confronted with difficulties in the performance of his duties.

16. Ensure the stock valuation report is submitted to the office of Executive Director on quarterly basis with explanation of variances if any.