Our Mission & Vision

Nigeria's Leading Rubber Research Institute

Rubber research institute of Nigeria is the only Federal Government agency in Nigeria that has the mandate to conduct research and development on rubber and other latex producing plants of economic importance. Following the enactment of Nigerian Research Institute Act (No. 33) of 1964 and the promulgation of Agricultural Research Institutes Decree No. 35 of 1973, the Federal Government took over the organization of rubber production in the country and amalgamated the Rubber Research Station, Iyanomo with the Rubber Research Station, Akwete (in the then East Central State) and became what is now known as Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria

To continuously provide innovations that will develop and transform the natural rubber, gum arabic and other aspects of latex industry, applying cutting edge scientific know-how delivered by motivated, dedicated and highly trained manpower in a manner that sustains the ecosystem with maximum economic benefit to Nigeria.

To become a leading research centre for natural rubber, gum arabic and other latex producing plants in Africa, and to be a world-class research institution.